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Mackintosh Coats

The Mackintosh company was founded in Cumbernauld, Scotland in the 1820's and the very first Mackintosh Coats were sold in the year 1824.

Throughout the years, the company have been retailing waterproof raincoats, some that were made of rubberised fabric. The creator Charles Macintosh originally made these coats to be made of rubber laminated or rubberised material, but the generic versions are made out of regular fabric nowadays.

These great coats are still worn by many people around the world, as they are very stylish and can really keep you warm and dry.

•Why Buy Mackintosh Coats?

Mackintosh coats are made with amazing quality, which means even if you wear it often, it will not rip or lose shape. The coats that they retail are also very nicely designed, and although the style of coats still have that 40's and 50's look and design, they are still worn by various very trendy people in this generation to help stay warm.

•How Much Do Mackintosh Coats Cost?

The coats aren't the cheapest coats out there, mainly due to the quality of the material that is used.
The prices start from around $800 and go very much beyond, but although they are a little pricy, the cost is very much worth it, because these coats have such a nice design and style all their own and will last for a very long time, outliving lesser coats.

•The Benefits Of Wearing Mackintosh Coats?

One of the many benefits to wearing Mackintosh coats is that they will increase in value in the future, which means you can enjoy wearing them now and sell them in the future when the value increases. The coats that are made by Mackintosh look and feel amazing, which is why they aren't cheap.

So, if you are one of the many people that want to look and feel comfortable during the wet or winter months, then you should most definitely consider buying Mackintosh coats.
Though they aren't cheap coats, at least you will be able to sell them in the future or pass them to your family, since the coats that the company retail will never go out of style.
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